Rallymama (rallymama) wrote in jewishrecipes,

Thanksgiving ideas?

I have my assignments for Thanksgiving dinner, which will be a joint production between two families and hosted at the other person's home. I'm providing

Crudite platter and dip
Crackers and peanut butter dip for the kids
Appetizer - I'm going with a mushroom strudel I made a few years ago, providing I can find the recipe
Mashed potatoes (with rosemary and roasted garlic, of course!)
Stuffing (hers will be seasoned with apple-onion-raisin-pecan. DRAT, I have to get creative!)
Green veggie - brussels sprouts and chestnuts in browned butter, I think
Kid-friendly dessert - cream-filled chocolate cupcakes

So does anyone have a great stuffing recipe to share? No sausage or oysters, please, since some of the guests keep kosher. I'm wondering how to make the mashers without dairy... chicken broth and extra garlic, I guess. Any other tips?
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