Karen Z. (gegenschein) wrote in jewishrecipes,
Karen Z.

My dad's Matzoh Brie

This is how my dad makes a matzoh brie. Sadly, I don't know the exact details, but it always comes out amazing, even though everything is based on intuition every single time.

All you need is a box of matzoh from the Kosher section of the grocery store, and some eggs.

Use these guidelines and follow your insticts:
- Crack a few eggs and beat them in a mixing bowl.
- Run a stack of matzoh under some water (though not too much water; it shouldn't be runny!)
- Obviously, the more mazoh you use, the bigger your matzoh brie will be.
- Break the matzoh up into the eggs.
- Don't break the matzoh up into pieces that are too small!
- Add a splash of vanilla extract.
- Spray a tiny bit of Pam on a non-stick skillet.
- Put the mixture on the skillet and fry until crispy.
- Bonus points if you can flip it without the use of a spatula!

Cut it up into eighths, salt it or sugar/syrup it, and enjoy! Eating it pizza-style is always a favorite!
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